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Hello love! I'm glad you're here!

I'm a Yoga & Meditation Teacher & Reiki Practitioner who helps

individuals struggling with trauma learn to truly love themselves by

helping them build their own healthy, self-love “ritual recipes.”

Yoga. Meditation. Reiki.

About Me

I began my spiritual journey, at the age of six years old, when I started meditating with my Dad. In high school, I became an avid runner & as a young adult, I had established a strong workout ethic that always included stretching to relieve sore muscles. In 2005, I attended my first yoga class, in New York City,

& realized that yoga brought together the practices

of meditation & stretching, two of my favorite activities, & I never looked back! 

A few years later, I made the decision to go to yoga school after a car accident left me in a lot of pain & yoga was recommended as a way to heal & strengthen my back & core. While in yoga school, I had the opportunity to look deeper within myself &

I was finally able to begin the healing process from a sexual assault I had experienced earlier in my life. By attending yoga school & furthering my studies of Ayurveda, Meditation & Reiki, I was able to find my voice, regain my self-confidence & inner strength & learn to love myself again.


Are you ready to learn how to forgive yourself, love yourself fully,

get "unstuck" & take the initiatives to make SELF-LOVE & SELF-CARE

your TOP priorities? 

I've got you!

Introducing AMOR!

AMOR means LOVE in Spanish & Portuguese & is the name of my signature, six-week program that incorporates – Ayurveda, Meditation, Offerings & Reiki. My online program is curated individually, for each client, who has suffered through traumatic experiences in life, negative (sexual assault, divorce or separation or the death of a loved one) or positive (the birth of a child, moving to a new city or starting a new job).


The program is designed based on the client's specific dosha, & self-love needs & goals – to inspire my clients to create & implement his or her own daily self-care "ritual recipe" for regained love, growth & success.



My ultimate goal for this program is to share the practices & self-care rituals that have helped me, on my personal wellness journey, with other individuals, who have experienced suffering & trauma, learn to love themselves unconditionally & understand that self-love & self-care are the keys to a happy, healthy life! 



Rachel Rema
Holistic Life Coach
Summit, NJ

"Johanna is an awesome yoga instructor. I technically don't like yoga but my body enjoys it and it feels 100x better when
I do it, so I practice. As a result of working with Johanna, I've gotten stronger & more flexible doing the poses she's designed for me.
If you want personal attention,
Johanna is the person for you." 

Noreen Sumpter, Personal Life Coach, Brooklyn, NY

"When Johanna was a teacher at my local studio, I always made sure never to miss a single one of her classes!
She is an energetic teacher who makes the yoga class very fun but also a relaxing experience. Her classes have a nice tempo and she pays individual attention to every student.
I love her energy and her music is
always fun as well!" 
Antonia Busack, Yoga Student, Brooklyn, NY
"Johanna's yoga classes are both uplifting and inspiring. I always leave class recharged and energized; not only are her sequences on point but her playlists are THE BEST!
I highly recommend booking a
private session with her." 
Ana Coronell, Yoga Instructor, Queens, NY

Let's Connect!

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