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AMOR Program!


Are you someone who:


  • has suffered through a traumatic experience (positive or negative)?

  • doesn’t love yourself or know how to love yourself?

  • is feeling "stuck" & can't move forward with your life?

  • feels you don’t deserve to take up space in the world? 

  • doesn’t feel valued or important?

  • has issues with boundaries?

  • is feeling imbalanced, stressed out or lost?

  • has low self-confidence?

  • doesn’t feel you have the time for daily SELF-LOVESELF-CARE routines?

  • feels that self-love & self-care is SELFISHALWAYS worries about everyone else around you? 

  • seeks out love, acceptance & happiness from outside factors, such as drugs, alcohol, sex & relationships with others? 

  • feels you doesn’t DESERVE to take care of yourself & who doesn’t know how to honor your own self-worth?

What to Expect

Weekly, 1-on-1 calls with me for a total of 6 weeks! 

All calls can be recorded so you can access them if you want to re-watch!

A customized program, curated just for you, designed to help you begin the healing process, achieve your SELF-LOVE & SELF-CARE goals, find your voice, become unstuck & build your self confidence!

30 minute follow up calls (Weeks 2-5), to see how your

customized program is working for you!

Six Week Breakdown

Week 1: How can I serve you so you can begin to serve yourself? 

We’ll start the program with a one-hour call where we'll get to know each other! We’ll review the answers to your intake form & Ayurvedic dosha quizzes & we’ll talk openly about what connected you to my program,

your daily habits/routines/lifestyle & find out what your SELF-LOVE &

SELF-CARE goals are so I can begin to curate a personalized program to

help you along your healing journey & redefine your "me" time!'

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After learning a bit more about you & what you’re seeking, in

Week 2, we will explore the A part of my program - AYURVEDA!


We’ll have a one-hour chat to discuss the Ayurvedic practices that would

work best for you, curated specifically for you, based on your Dosha, lifestyle & SELF-LOVE & SELF-CARE goals & I'll share the tools & materials you can use to achieve the practices & answer any of your burning questions! 


We’ll also have a 30 minute, mid-week follow-up call to discuss how

the practices are going & you can ask me any additional questions

& share your experiences!


Week 3 allows us to explore the M part of my program - MEDITATION


During this hour-long session together, I’ll take you through

a 25 minute Yoga Nidra experience, followed by a 35 minute open discussion where you’ll have the opportunity to journal about your experience & share how the practice made you feel. You can ask me any questions that come up following the practice &/or share how the program is helping you with your SELF-LOVE & SELF-CARE goals so far!

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Photo by Ginny Rose Stewart on Unsplash.


Week 4 allows us to explore the O portion of my program - OFFERINGS!


During this one-hour session, we will begin with a meditation

to help you discover your own perfect, personalized mantra,

created by you & for you! The meditation will be followed by

a journaling session & the step-by-step process of how-to

create your own 5-10 minute daily Japa practice!

Week 5: REIKI

Week 5 allows us to explore the R portion of my program - REIKI


Reiki is a beautiful way to move energy through the body & can help you to get “unstuck”. We explore this beautiful practice, during two separate sessions this week, for a total of one hour. 


Each Reiki session is 15 minutes long & is followed by the opportunity to journal & share about your experiences with

me & ask me your burning questions!

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Week 6: Ritual! Rinse! Repeat!

Week 6 will be a one-hour session where all of the tools & practices

you’ve used & experienced throughout the AMOR Program, will become

the catalyst for the creation of your own, personalized “ritual recipe”! 


Your “ritual recipe” will be your unique, ultimate SELF-LOVE &

SELF-CARE guide that will allow you to discover how to truly love yourself fully & unconditionally. It will allow you to begin the healing process & get moving through your trauma, get “unstuck," regain your self-confidence & realize your highest potential!

After the AMOR Program, YOU will:


Begin to move through your traumatic experience with more ease, using the SELF-CARE & SELF-LOVE tools you've learned & experienced throughout my program

Begin to feel empowered, balanced, less anxious, happier & more fulfilled!


Learn the meaning of true love, how to love yourself properly & understand that it comes from within!

Start to build healthy boundaries & learn to say NO so you start to live your BEST LIFE!


Develop healthy eating & sleeping habits that are integrated with your doshic dominance to help you stay more balanced 

Start to feel worthy & that you deserve to take up space in the world


Regain your self-confidence, which, in turn, will help you take on the world in a cool, calm & collected way!


Have your own customized ‘ritual recipe’ incorporated into your daily life that helps you stay focused, balanced, calm & ready to take on anything & everything!





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